Ask me App Review : Know Everything About this App

ASKME App developed by Getit Infoservices has become one of the most popular Apps in India. Already its advertisement of Ranbir Kapoor has made many people know about this App. If you still not know about the usefulness of ASKME App, then this review will provide you all the info related to this App. Now you’ll be able to find anything in your city very easily, and this will help you in saving your time.


No need to waste time in Searching for Restaurants, Shops Etc

So you like to go to restaurants? All people definitely love to enjoy weekend with friends and relatives. If you’re thinking to find a restaurant, then you can immediately make use of ASKME. As ASKME App is feeded with all the info, it’ll suggest you the best restaurants. From Chinese to Thai restaurants, finding all type of restaurants is easy with ASKME App. If you’re looking to buy a new gadget or new vehicle then it is ASKME which will let you know all the shops available nearby to you. You can easily add and read reviews about your favorite restaurants and businesses listed on ASKME App.

Jobs, Real Estate and other Classified Ads available at ASKME App

ASKME App has become the one stop solution for finding anything very easily. Free classified ads section will let you know all the available jobs, used gadgets listed for selling, used vehicles and much more. It is really interesting to see that ASKME has provided a special free classified ads section for its users.

ASKME App provides the best type of deals

With ASKME you’ll be able to know all the best deals. So from now there is no need to go through different sites for finding all the exlusive deals available for you. I went through the deals section of ASKME App, and I was able to find the best gadgets deals for myself.

I have tried to make you know everything about ASKME App. I may have not covered every feature of this App in this post, as this App is always going to get updated with many new features. I’m hoping that ASKME App may soon become the most downloaded App in India.

Download ASKME App Now


ASKME App is definitely an App of modern era. People are getting more dependent on technology day by day, and there is nothing wrong in that. Apps like ASKME is going to help out people in different ways. You shouldn’t forget that you can even do a call at “04444444444″ for knowing any info with the help of ASKME. Did you download ASKME App? Did you like this amazing App?


Reasons to Open Pinterest Account Today

Pinterest is a famous website for sharing your photos through websites, your PC and many other sources. It went viral in last 3 years for recipes and etc photos on internet. It is mostly used in United State of America and etc countries and very less in India. Many of my friends asking why i’m using it, below you can read it.

Reasons to create Pinterest Account

  • To share our pictures to the world, yeah it is best to share our photography and etc.
  • To create groups and build a community of friends or followers.
  • To build authority links to your website.
  • To meet new people on internet with same interests which you posses.


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